Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian 4x4 (2014)


With the Land Rover Defender not long for this world, the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck is in with a shout of being the world’s most serious old-school 4x4 very soon.
With off-road ability to potentially embarrass a NASA moon buggy, and a go-anywhere/carry anything attitude for less than £30k tested, it’s a Swiss Army knife among cars

If you're into the subject , you'll know the L200 has a reputation among pick- ups like AK47S have among rifles - it's a veteran , but still a dependable , useful piece of kit . As far as reliability goes , an L200 is about as likely to go wrong with an egg - timer - just the ticket if your business depends on the do-it -all 4x4 getting to the job on time , whatever the weather or terrain .
Meanwhile , Mitsubishi combines Bear Grylls - esque hardiness with all the toys a man could want it , well , a Swiss Army knife . Special edition L200s all sports aggressive names ( Animal, Warrior , Trojan ) but our test car brandishes the ' Barbarian ' name on its illuminated steel kickplates . So while on the outside you've got a steel - toed hobnail boot , inside it's a branch of Curry 's .
There 's a touchscreen sat-nav and iPod connectivity , automatic climate control , leather seats and contact points , DAB radio , Bluetooth , and a particularly excellent reversing camera . It helps maneuver that huge load bay , Which can take a 1060kg payload . Or a VW Polo . Plus , selectable all- wheel drive with locking central and rear differentials mean not only is the L200 is capable off road , it'll also tow up to 2700kg . Normally , we coin BMW M3s and Golf GTIS ' all the car you'll ever need ' , but the L200 takes that to a new level .

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