Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brabus unveils tweaked Mercedes Benz CLA

Studio Brabus has announced a program of improvements for the sedan Mercedes CLA, which debuted earlier this year in Detroit. In a tuning package will include sport springs, exhaust system with four pipes and wheels at 18 and 19 inches are available in 5 variants of design.

And the hatchback and sedan which is also called the four-door coupe got sport springs in the suspension, Quadruple exhaust system, 18 – or 19-inch wheels and a slightly more aggressive appearance.

Revised exterior to limit the application of neat bumper with diffuser and overlays on thresholds. Hatch received an additional and compact rear wing on the trunk lid. But the work of the powertrain engineers Brabus intervened a little more seriously.
And the sedan and hatchback received by the whale named PowerXtra. But if in the case of the Mercedes CLA engine power has grown a little more than 30 hp – Up to 245 horses, then increase the diesel unit A-Class hatchback turned more impressive. Instead of 170 hp and 350 Nm it now develops 210 hp and 410 Nm, which allows it to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds.

Brabus did not publish photos of the car interior, but the company noted that customers can choose their own materials and finishes, creating your interior design. Recall that in the Russian market Mercedes-Benz CLA is offered with one engine – a 1.6-liter four-cylinder and a power of 156 hp as low as 1.27 million rubles. In general, fans stand dedicated.

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